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The development studio Mojang has revealed what content awaits you in the DLC "Creeping Winter" for Minecraft Dungeons. So you can set yourself daily challenges, among other things, in which you can collect particularly good rewards. There is also a mode called "Slippery Ice".

On September 8, 2020, the second major DLC called "Creeping Winter" will be released for the action role-playing game Minecraft Dungeons. In a new diary, the Mojang development studio has presented some of the new features in more detail that await you with this download extension.

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Among other things, the "Daily Trials" should be mentioned, which are intended to provide additional and, above all, permanent motivation. These are challenges that change on a daily basis, the demands or level of difficulty of which should be above the level of normal missions. It is not yet known what specific tasks you have to cope with. What is certain, however, is that you can expect valuable rewards such as higher-quality equipment. It is therefore worthwhile to tackle these daily tasks. In addition, the DLC "Creeping Winter" offers a mode or a feature called "Slippery Ice". As the name suggests, you are moving on a very slippery surface that makes getting around anything but easy.

"Creeping Death" is known to be a paid download extension. However, Mojang has announced that it will also provide free content for Minecraft Dungeons (buy now for 29.99 €) to work. to appear over the next few weeks and months. Above all, it is about endgame content that is made available to all players. More details will be available in the near future.

Source: Mojang

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