If you ask Walking Dead viewers which characters are at the forefront of popularity, the answer comes immediately: Daryl. Norman Reedus' silent hero is so popular that Daryl and his best friend Carol are getting their own spin-off series. What that could look like is shown in the scenes of the two who combine the flashbacks of "Happy Monday".

It all starts when Carol and Daryl come across an old cabin while hunting, which brings back memories in Daryl. Just as she is "beginning to run out of luck," as Carol ominously claims. Daryl visited this hut for the first time five years earlier, while he was beginning his life in the wilderness. Not for fun, as it soon becomes clear. Daryl is looking for Rick, whose body has never been found. It is in the hut that he meets Leah for the first time. As is typical for The Walking Dead, the story of the two does not begin in a friendly manner – Leah threatens Daryl with her gun. A few months later, the two seem to have become friends enough that Leah Daryl tells her life story.

The Walking Dead: A woman and her dog
Leah was part of a small group that survived the apocalypse. After one of her friends died, she adopted her son, the

The Walking Dead: Daryl

The Walking Dead: Daryl and his faithful companion.

Source: AMC

However, life came to us in a zombie attack. The only friend that Leah has left is the dog who initially accompanies her and later Daryl. In the near future Leah and Daryl deepen their relationship, but his obsessive search for Rick keeps getting in the way of the time together. After all, Leah gives Daryl a choice: Either he gives up his search – or she gives up. In the end, however, she makes the decision for him. One day Leah disappeared. Only the dog stays behind and becomes Daryl's constant companion.

Back in the present, Leah's disappearance shows that even between Carol and Daryl, everything is far from settled. When Carol tries to comfort her boyfriend, she accidentally mentions Connie. Daryl is still angry that Carol sacrificed her for her plan to revenge on Alpha. Both poisoned each other for a while, mostly because Carol still feels no remorse for her actions. At first it actually seems as if luck and the ability to resolve their differences have left the two friends for the time being. At least until Carol Daryl offers to fix the broken part of the cabin door so they have a safe place to stay in the wilderness.

It's always nice to be able to spend a little time with your favorite characters, especially if one of them is also one of the most popular characters from The Walking Dead. After everything "Happy Monday" has shown, the Daryl and Carol spin-off should definitely be interesting. And with a bit of luck, this episode wouldn't be the last time we heard from Leah.

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