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Warner Bros is always good for a surprise. After Ben Affleck said goodbye to the role of Batman, the film studio presented a new Dark Knight without further ado. The man under the mask is from now on Twilight star Robert Pattinson. But what does Pattinson look like in a batsuit, is he good as a Batman? We have the first picture for you!

Are you as curious as we are? What will the new Batman look like? Matt Reeves (Planet of the Apes: Revolution, Planet of the Apes: Survival), director of the announced "The Batman" film, is showing the first camera tests with Robert Pattinson in his new Batman suit on Vimeo. One could think of a little message. But the DC fans are completely thrilled with the revamped look of Batman!

The design of the new Batman suit is based on the classic Batman. It seems that Batman made his suit from many components himself. The mask is also less perfect. The whole concept should emphasize that Bruce Wayne experiments a lot with his equipment, especially at the beginning.

Already the rumor that of all things Robert Pattinson will put on the new Batman suit, cause a sensation online. A short time later, Warner Bros confirmed the rumor and introduced the Twilight star as the new Batman. Director Matt Reeves was delighted with Robert's commitment and emphasized that the actor was the first choice from the start. Reeves also based his decision on the fact that Pattinson's way of playing "dark and crazy characters" fits very well into the new setting of The Batman.

However, a large number of DC fans are still suspicious. One reason for that is definitely Pattinson's role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga. However, the actor has changed a lot in recent years. Robert himself speaks of the fact that after his breakthrough as vampire Edward, he was allowed to slip into many characters, some of whom were fundamentally different, and that he therefore dared to play the role of Batman. We should also not forget that the announcement of Ben Affleck as Dark Knight initially also caused a similar number of negative reactions. In recent Batman films, however, Ben Affleck cut a fine figure.

The cast of The Batman is largely known and Reeves is nearing completion of the script. The film itself is expected to hit the cinema in 2021. The pre-production of The Batman is scheduled for Summer 2019 start.

What do you think about this short video? Do you like the new Batman? Or would you have preferred to see other actors in the role of the Dark Knight?

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