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WoW: Shadowlands is about death, but that doesn't mean the Shadowlands are dark and empty. On the contrary: every new area is full of life and in one way or another a real feast for the eyes. Today we present the models of the Kyrians and their leaders.

The Kyrians are a noble people of angelic form and righteous courage. They are the protectors of Oribos and guardians of the bastion, an idyllic realm full of wonders and mysteries. If you make a pact with the bastion, you will first have to prove yourself as an aspirant and face many challenges, after all, the coveted wings are not for nothing. In this article You can find all the important information about the Pact of the Kyrians and the bastion from WoW: Shadowlands.

WoW: Shadowlands: Uther Lichtbringer, the judge and other models of the Kyrians (52)

WoW: Shadowlands: Uther Lichtbringer, the judge and other models of the Kyrians (52)

Source: Wowhead

But even with the first pair of wings, the duty of a Kyrian is far from being fulfilled. Each resident of the bastion is assigned a specific task as a guard. Some roles, like that of the carer or trainer of fresh recruits, seem simple, while others require more courage and skill. Some Kyrians fail because of these difficult challenges or fall prey to their dark memories and sins. These hapless transform into sinister images of themselves, and some even descend into the throat, where they become slaves to the jailer.

The new data mining images from the Alpha show the full range of Kyrians we meet in the new capital Oribos and in the area of ​​the bastion in WoW: Shadowlands. No matter if man or woman – the rank of a Kyrian can be recognized by his armor. The aspirants are wrapped in light cloth robes, while high-ranking soldiers wear heavy and magnificently decorated plate armor.

However, some Kyrian regalia shine with a particularly unusual design. The armor of Uther Lichtbringer, the legendary paladin from Warcraft 3, and the arbiter (which may be the mysterious judge from Oribos) have their own look. Check out all pictures of the new Kyrian models in the gallery below.

WoW Shadowlands: Uther Lichtbringer, the judge and other models of the Kyrians (1) (Source: Wowhead)

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