Only the DualSense controller was officially demonstrated by the PlayStation 5. We don't yet know what the console looks like. However, the GetDigital site has thought about this and created a suitable concept.

The demonstration of the upcoming PS5 controller DualSense was very surprising, but left an impression on most fans. Sony only introduced a white version of the controller, but talented players soon created the black counterpart. Get Digital created based on these facts a PlayStation 5 in white and blackthat would go well with the DualSense.

We currently have a lot of that.

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A modern and slim console

Until the release of the PlayStation 5, we have to wait until the end of the year and how it will really look is not yet known. Since it brings many innovations with it, it will probably sell well, especially if the console looks like the impressive concept of the GetDigital site.

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The GTA 6 disc used is a gimmick. However, it is unlikely that the game will appear on time for the release of PlayStation 5.

What do you say about the draft? Would you like the console so much and which color would you prefer? Let us know in the comments.

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