A hobby developer has made it his business to represent some places of World of Warcraft with the Unreal Engine 4. This gives the world of Azeroth several graphical improvements that make the role-playing game from 2004 shine in new splendor.

In addition, ray tracing is another highlight in the video presentation. The YouTuber has been back again and again in recent years Projects published that show different locations of World of Warcraft with Unreal 4. In his current video, however, ray tracing is used for the first time.

With the release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the retail version of the role-playing game now also has the option of ray tracing shadows. The Burning Crusade Classic Launch will soon have a corresponding option. However, these are not comparable to the ray tracing effects from the YouTube video.

The Burning Crusade beta has only started this week for selected players. The expansion for the classic servers of the role-playing game was announced at BlizzConline 2021 and should be released later this year. However, there has not yet been an exact date. In addition, players can currently look forward to a free pet for the retail version of WoW in the Blizzard Shop. The community raised over $ 500,000 from a Blizzard fundraiser. If the milestone of one million US dollars is cracked in the next few weeks, there will soon be a second pet for all players.

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