The new Adidas sneakers in Pokémon design are significantly more minimalistic than previous attempts. The second model also does without large pictures and also color.

The second model of the new Pokémon collection from Adidas is again a completely white sneaker, only this time there are no individual pictures or colors. Only the complete midsole (that's the name of the lower part of the shoe that is still visible when standing, which then merges into the bottom sole) is equipped with black and white images of some first-generation Pokémon.

The shoes are not currently for sale, but they should be available at Adidas within the next few months.

Original message from December 17, 2019:

The new Pokémon sneakers from Adidas are definitely an improvement on the last collection

Let's just say they are portable – that is, in terms of their design. You have to find out for yourself whether they fit your feet. Adidas is once again taking a trip to pop culture and launching new Pokémon sneakers.

Sneaker manufacturer Adidas often takes on larger film and television franchises, for example with designs for Game of Thrones or Star Wars. There were also special shoes for video games, in fact Pokémon could already be seen on Adidas footwear. However, the last attempt to bring Nintendo's video game heroes onto the sneakers was not really successful and the shoes were rather poorly received by fans.

added: It's not an easy task to make Pokémon-style shoes without making them look like they belong only to the children's department. The new design is simpler and reduced. On the white sneaker there is only a pixel art of Pikachu on the side, the Pokémon logo is on the front of the flap and inside the shoe there are small sprites of Bulbasaur, Charmander and Mewtwo.

The new design is an improvement on the previous attempt. It will be shown whether the more classic look is more popular with the target group.

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What do you think about the new pi-ka shoe (sorry)? Did the designers find a cool look that you would like to have on your feet or do the sneakers look like hospital shoes with pikachu on them? Write your opinion in the comments.