This is what you can expect in phase 3

The launch of the online role-playing game World of Warcraft (buy now for € 31.95) Classic was almost half a year ago. To keep the now somewhat bored players on the go, Blizzard Entertainment is constantly releasing new content according to a previously revealed plan. The release of phase 3 is already on the program for February 13, 2020. Okay, honestly we have to say at this point that part of the third phase has been available since the end of last year. The developers gave in to the urging of the fans and opened the gates of the PvP battlefields a little earlier than planned. The rest, however, is still waiting until February 13th. This is our focus in our overview, which should get you in the mood for the new content.

One of the big highlights of phase 3 of World of Warcraft is probably the "Blackwing Lair" raid instance. Many guilds in particular are already waiting impatiently to plunge into a new raid and face the boss opponents in battle. There they not only expect additional challenges, but above all new and above all better loot, with the help of which they can equip their characters. Especially the (renewed) encounter with Nefarian and the associated multi-phase skirmish feverishly awaits the WoW fans. After all, it took 77 days in the original World of Warcraft before the first guild finally brought Nefarian to its knees – a legendary boss fight.

In addition, players can finally complete the coveted Tier 2 sets. The remaining parts of this armor are only available in the Blackwing Lair. Not only are their bonuses much better than those of the Tier 1 sets in most cases, they also look fancier. The best example of this is probably the villain's blood trap armor. In addition, some epic weapons such as the two-handed sword "Ashkandi" or the "Dragon's Breath Hand Cannon" wave as rewards.

The blackwing hoard with end boss Nefarian. & Nbsp;

The blackwing hoard with end boss Nefarian.

Source: buffed

With the start of phase 3, there are also some new class quests that you can tackle as soon as your character has reached level 50. They all revolve around the Temple of Atal'Hakkar and are available to all classes. You have to tackle some tricky challenges that in most cases you cannot master on your own. But the effort is worth it: at the end of the quest you have the choice of three powerful items, which for some classes even up to level 60 are easily considered "Best in Slot". You should therefore take a few hours or maybe even days to complete these quests and thus grab the lucrative rewards.

New faction rewards

Speaking of rewards, Phase 3 of World of Warcraft Classic also attracts additional rewards from some of the factions in Azeroth. Not only the two parties of the Warsong Gorge have new rewards to offer, but also the Argent Dawn, the Thorium Brotherhood and the Timbermaw Hold. However, for most of these items you need a fairly high reputation with the respective factions, so you may have to farm some reputation before you can access them. This can sometimes take a long time – depending on your playing style, even days and weeks. But it is worth it, because you can expect epic jewelry, new recipes for various professional groups and other items of equipment.

The dark moon annual market starts in Classic with phase 3. & nbsp; & nbsp;

The dark moon annual market starts in phase 3 in Classic.

Source: Blizzard

Furthermore, the dark moon annual market celebrates its premiere in the third phase of World of Warcraft Classic. Okay, more precisely, he opens his gates a few gates beforehand – on February 10, 2020 – the construction work even begins on February 7. Two days earlier, the card drops for the fair were launched. Say: From this day on, bosses and other opponents have a certain probability that they will drop different cards as a loot. These belong to different sets. If you have all the cards of a set together, you can exchange them for a powerful piece of jewelry at the Darkmoon Fair, which is extremely helpful for some classes and should replace other pieces of jewelry. You can also buy some special items such as masks, special food and drink and lots with the chance of a small profit at the fair.

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