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The release of Patch 9.1 from WoW is still a while in coming, but hard-working data miners have been extracting many secrets from the game since the PTR server was opened. So now the item is known, thanks to which our mounts will be able to fly in Shadowlands.

WoW Shadowlands has been out for almost five months now, but one key feature is still missing: flying with mounts. The developers at Blizzard first want us to really explore the Shadowlands in detail on foot or at least at ground level. Fortunately, that changes with the 9.1 update, the release date of which is still uncertain. The PTR for the patch is already playable, which is why clever dataminers also came across the item that enables our mounts to fly again: Memories of Sunless Skies (Memories of sunless skies).

Fame level as a requirement

At BlizzConline, the developers had emphasized that there will be no scout success in Shadowlands, no reputation grind to be able to fly again. Instead, become gamblers after completing the pact campaign in patch 9.1 flies unlock again. According to the current PTR status, the Unlocked the last quest series of the pact campaign with fame level 59. Assuming that in Patch 9.1 we can get levels per week at the same pace as we are now, that means we Fly again at least seven weeks after the release of Patch 9.1 can. However, this is only theoretical – the gain in fame as well can turn out differently.

Flying, but with a restriction

The item also directly explains the restriction of Shadowlands flies: Flying will only be possible in the four Pact areas – there is no mention of Oribos and the Maw (and thus also the new Korthia area). The developers had already made it clear that technical reasons would make flying in Oribos difficult.

Those: wowhead / PTR

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