The die-hard Nintendo fan’s eyes run wild: TAG Heuer and Nintendo are jointly launching a limited edition smartwatch that is entirely dedicated to our favorite hero: Super Mario. But the watch is not for every budget.


Smartwatch with Super Mario: TAG Heuer and Nintendo make it possible

TAG this year brings Super Mario to your wrist. With the TAG Heuer Connected x Super Mario Limited Edition, the luxury watch manufacturer from Switzerland brings one Smartwatch for real Nintendo fans on the market. Technically, you don’t have to forego any finesse, but your account will also be noticeably emptied when you strike – and you can get one of only 2,000 watches with our favorite plumber.

The Mario smartwatch comes in a special design and with digital dials (modern and retro versions) in which the wearer of Super Mario accompanies you through the day become. So you want to use the active character as an incentive: the more active the wearer in everyday life, the more active the animated plumber, who is involved in sports, among other things, is. And the effort is rewarded in the typical Mario manner: For example, from around 25 percent of the daily step goal there is a super mushroom. If you reach the goal, you go up the flagpole known from the end of the level.

TAG Heuer relies on Wear OS for the smartwatch. You don’t have to do without Google services and compatible apps. The limited edition is waterproof up to a water pressure of 5 bar. Heart rate monitor, compass and accelerometer are available, your activities are recorded locally. However, there is one shortcoming with the battery: According to the manufacturer, it lasts with normal use 20 hours through, through the day, but no further. If you use the sports functions continuously, it ends after 6 hours. The manufacturer’s video gives an impression of the smartwatch:

The limited edition is particularly suitable as a collector’s item for Nintendo fans

If you have the spare change you can of course purchase the limited edition as a collector’s item and speculate on a decent increase in value. In that case, the battery performance would not be decisive either. The price in euros has not yet been officially communicated. Will be in the US 2.150 US-Dollar called (source: Engadget), that would currently be equivalent to around 1,816 euros.

Worldwide sales start for the smartwatch is on July 15th in some regions online directly from the manufacturer (to TAG Heuer) and in selected local shops. In Germany, the watch will only be available in stores in Munich.