This quest grants 105 anima every day

of Sebastian Glanzer
If you want to unlock your pact mounts, upgrades and the pact transmog in WoW Shadowlands, you need thousands of anima, but only sparsely can be collected through world quests, raids, PvP and dungeons. There is a daily quest in which you can quickly dust off 105 anima every day. We'll show you where to find the "Bet on Yourself" quest and how to unlock it.

Right now we're scratching for the pact quest Fill the reservoir Somehow 1,000 anima every week in WoW Shadowlands. Rarely do world quests or other tasks give more than 100 anima. About the daily quest Bet on yourself but at least every day you have the opportunity to quickly dust off 105 anima. You read that right, it's a daily, not a world quest. Bet on yourself will only be unlocked after you have completed a series of quests at the Theater of Pain in Maldraxxus.

The quest line starts in Maldraxxus at Anzio the Infallible (50.6 / 51.6) at the southern entrance to the Theater of Pain. Below you can see all the steps for the quest chain.

After that, the Anima Quest will not be activated directly, but only one day later or after the ID reset. For the quest you have to defeat a certain boss in the theater of pain. Since this is a 5 player quest, you will need some help. Usually, however, players are already ready or can be easily found using the group search.

By the way, this quest is not only interesting for anima hunters, but also for mount collectors. Because with every degree there is a chance that one of the bosses Gnawed reins of the battlebound warhound has in his luggage (a patched up hyena).

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