This Sony phone never stood a chance

It's been almost ten years since Sony launched a genuine PlayStation smartphone with the Xperia Play. A successor never saw the light of day – at least officially. So far unpublished pictures of a prototype show what the second generation should have looked like.


In 2011 the world of technology looked completely different: Windows 7 was running on the world's computers, Facebook trembled at Google+ and Sony was a serious challenger for Apple and Samsung. Or more precisely: Sony Ericsson. In the same year, the Xperia Play was also presented, making it the first PlayStation smartphone. However, the cell phone was not a success, which is why it was discontinued after only one generation. Almost ten years later, however, pictures have emerged that show what the Xperia Play 2 should have looked like.

Sony's PlayStation smartphone: pictures show Xperia Play 2

The pictures come from one Reddit userswho claims to have found it in a Chinese app for used goods, like Android Authority reported. Compared to its predecessor, the Xperia Play 2 leaves a more straightforward impression, and overall the PlayStation smartphone looks more minimalist and less playful. The second generation should also have been significantly thinner. The well-known button layout of the PlayStation is available; two touchpads apparently served as joysticks.

Interesting: In addition to the navigation button, there is also a button for 3D in extended mode. Perhaps the second edition of the smartphone could have created 3D effects without additional glasses. Both the Nintendo 3DS and the HTC Evo 3D had this feature on board and went on sale in 2011. It is quite possible that Sony Ericsson wanted to orientate itself on both.

We liked the Xperia Play so much back then:

PlayStation smartphone: should Sony try again?

The lack of success of the Xperia Play should have been the main reason why the successor was crushed. It is also conceivable that Sony did not want any internal competition to the PS Vita, which was recently launched on the market. Around ten years later, however, the gigantic sales figures for the Nintendo Switch show that people also want to play AAA games on their mobile devices. Maybe it would be worth considering for Sony to build another PlayStation smartphone.

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