This unlocks your adventure for reinforcement runes

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Veiled runes strengthen your character in WoW Shadowlands by increasing the main attribute by 18 points. In addition to the LFR and dungeon tool, the runes are also available from a certain level via adventure. We'll show you what you have to do to unlock the runic adventures at your mission table.

In addition to bottles, buff food and potions, our characters can join in WoW Shadowlands Veiled Reinforcement Runes improve. However, it seems that these have become much rarer than in other extensions. Accordingly, the runes cost a lot in the auction house. As usual, they are available in small quantities from the bonus bags (Veiled pocket of cooperation) for LFR and random dungeons as well as missions of the new adventure system. As a rule, however, only tanks and healers who embark on the random adventure get the bonus bag – and not always.

And the rune missions must first be unlocked via missions. This happens after you complete eight Adventure Campaign Progress missions. These are missions that are marked with a gold helmet. After completing four of these adventures, the level of your adventure will be raised. If you don't have your adventurer at the right level, you can avoid these progression missions for now. If you really want runes, try locking them. The CovenantMissionHelper add-on shows you the chance of victory.

WoW: This is how you unlock missions for veiled reinforcement runes (1)

WoW: This is how you unlock missions for veiled reinforcement runes (1)

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We explained this again in detail in the article Tip for adventurers to follow suit in WoW Shadowlands. In it, we also explain how you can tell how many Adventure Campaign Progress Missions you have already completed and what level you are currently at. This can currently only be found out with the following macro.

/ Script print (C_CurrencyInfo.GetCurrencyInfo (1889) .quantity)

Type the macro into the chat in the game and look at the number that is displayed to you. Missions with Veiled Reinforcement Runes will Unlocked from level 8.


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