The Swiss collector Comy Laurent carries on his archive page Sega Dreamcast Info Preservation Games a lot together. Castlevania fans should be particularly pleased with one of the projects he has now found: a playable demo of Castlevania: Resurrection.

This part was to appear on Sega’s Dreamcast in 1999 and set in the Castlevania universe of 1666. With Sonia Belmont you cut your way through ghost beings, magicians and medusas. A total of four (five in the emulator version) stages can be played. With a high number of opponents, there seems to have been a strong emphasis on action. The finished game should feature Victor Belmont, who lived in Castlevania University in the 19th century. On the archive page one therefore assumes any planned time travel.

The development of Castlevania: Resurrection was stopped in 2000, however, this could be due to discrepancies between the Japanese parent company and the American subsidiary, which was responsible for the development. The American team had big plans, but problems already seem to arise in the demo. On the side of Comy Laurent there is talk of some bugs, freezes and the like. No wonder, the game was reportedly only 25 percent complete when the demo was programmed. And a year later, Dreamcast was also discontinued. Although the title was never released, Sonia Belmont appears in the later Castlevania: Legends.

If you want to experience this part of almost forgotten video game history despite mistakes, you can download the demo. Unfortunately, we can only guess what the finished game might have looked like. Meanwhile they sound Rumors of possible outsourcing by Castlevania worrying.

Those: Sega Dreamcast Info Preservation Games

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