Thousands of cheaters are punished every day

from Karsten Scholz
Community Manager Kaivax spoke a few hours ago on the subject of cheats, bots and ban penalties. Thousands of fraudsters are supposed to be punished every day. The anti-cheat team focuses primarily on places like Dire Maul, which are particularly popular with bot users.

The last Water level report regarding the fight against bots and Cheater in WoW Classic was a few months ago. At the same time, players keep reporting that bot users who are known to the server are still allowed to do their laps with impunity around the clock, despite numerous reports. One player wanted the official WoW forum know if the developers would turn a blind eye to some hacks or bot programs.

The Response from Community Manager Kaivax was not long in coming. Here are the most important findings:

  • No hacks and cheats are allowed at all.
  • The anti-cheat team works around the clock against bots and hack users.
  • Every day, actions against thousands of convicted fraudsters are to be carried out worldwide.
  • The anti-cheat team focuses primarily on places that are particularly popular with bot users and where reports from Classic players occur more frequently, for example Dire Maul.
  • Although there is an automated system that looks out for the fraudsters and is also supposed to uncover new strategies and software updates, the detection works much faster if the community supports the system with their tickets.
  • According to Kaivax, it is therefore still very important that you report characters if you believe that they are using unauthorized tools.

After Dire Maul, the Anti-Cheat Team should definitely call make the blackrock lows. There are still guildless level 60 villains around around the clock who can easily do this in the dungeon Instance limit introduced in June can handle – because the pockets of the stolen dwarfs automatically fill up again after a while.

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