Everyone wants him back and the fans are now showing that in a petition: If Black Panther is not re-cast, a legend dies, it is said – and that after Marvel has actually decided to let the icon rest.

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What will happen to the role of Black Panther after actor Chadwick Boseman has died of complications from his cancer has already been decided: Marvel has announced that Black Panther, like Boseman, should rest in peace.

However, the company did not expect the fans: They now have thousands of them Online-Petition #RecastTChalla signed in to them Reclaim the Black Panther – and that by stating understandable reasons:

If Marvel Studios gave up T’Challa, it would be at the expense of viewers (especially the black audience) who could identify with him. That also includes millions of fans who were inspired by the character. “

In a video, the head behind the petition explains that this is not about determining who should follow in T’Challa’s footsteps. Rather, he argues here that Chadwick Boseman will also be more likely to be honored if the legend of Black Panther is allowed to live on. After all, famous comic characters like Spider-Man, Batman, Hulk and many others have been portrayed by different actors over the years:

The # 1 way to kill a legend is to stop telling its story.

YouTuber Eman’s Movie Reviews explains why Black Panther has to live on:

Black Panther’s actual story is immense, take a look at the numerous comics about the icon. So Marvel would have enough material to create a whole bunch of films with the superhero. And that’s what the fans want too. You can sign or support the petition #RecastTChalla here.

At the time this news was published, over 5,000 people have already signed the petition, and the number is rising. If you agree to the petition, it can also help to share the link to the appeal and / or the hashtag #RecastTChalla via social media.