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from Dominik Zwingmann
THQ Nordic today announced the acquisition of 4A Games through its parent company Embracer Group. The team is best known for the games in the Metro series. Almost 80 million US dollars was put on the table for the team, the Metro IP and the engine. The studio is currently working on two new projects.

The people in charge of the Embracer Group from Sweden took over the next development studio today. The media group, which mostly appears with its subsidiaries THQ Nordic and Deep Silver, has brought the makers of 4A Games into the house for 80 million US dollars. The development studio is best known for the Metro series. The team with over 150 employees in Malta and Ukraine will join the Saber Interactive studio as a subsidiary in the future.

Deep Silver has been the publisher of the Metro series for many years. The latest part was published in February 2019 with Metro Exodus. The takeover of 4A Games is based on a longstanding partnership between the companies. The deal not only includes the Metro IP, but also the studio's engine. There are also details on the future of 4A Games.

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According to studio boss Dean Sharpe, the team is currently working on two new AAA titles. One of these projects is a new IP with a focus on multiplayer. The studio boss has not yet given any information about the other project. But Metro is also to be continued. The Embracer Group's buying frenzy went even further.

In addition to 4A Games, the media group today announced the takeover of seven other developer studios. These include New World Interactive, Sola Media, Pow Wow Entertainment, Palindrome Interactive, Rare Earth Games, Vermila Studios, and Deca Games. The company now owns 33 in-house developer studios with over 4000 employees in 40 countries and over 170 different game IPs.

Source: Embracer Group

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