from Andreas Bertits
THQ Nordic has announced that it has secured the rights to further brands from Koch Media. This could indicate that we can expect a continuation of about Sacred and Risen in the future.

If a company secures the rights to certain brands, then this indicates that something should also happen with these brands. This gives fans of the RPG series Sacred and Risen hope.

A change in trademark rights

THQ Nordic explained that he had secured the trademark rights to some interesting games. This includes:

  • Risen
  • Sacred
  • Rush for Berlin
  • Second sight
  • Singles: Flirt Up Your Life

It is not yet confirmed that sequels or remaster / remakes of these games are coming, but there is hope. Another part of the Risen series or a new Sacred would certainly welcome the players. However, it cannot be assumed that such games – if they really come – will appear in the near future.

The other way around, too. How THQ Nordic transferred the rights to the following games to Koch Media:

It is not known here what Koch Media intends to do with these brands. Maybe we will get new games for the series in the next few years.

Source: Gematsu

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