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With the upcoming patch 9.1, the entry requirements will be abolished, which deny new players and twinks access to certain areas of the gullet. However, you have to at least partially complete the quest series for the new Korthia area.

The Maw is not necessarily one of the most popular areas in WoW Shadowlands. Most players visit him more or less by necessity in order to embrace the necessary stygia – or the reputation at Ven’ari. Fortunately, you no longer need this since patch 9.0.5 to buy the additional sockets or the upgrading of the media. However, some things were still hidden behind the call. For example, access to the two additional areas of the Maw: the Beast Labyrinth and the Doom fortress. However, this requirement no longer applies with Patch 9.1.

Because as part of the introductory quests for Korthia you will get a buff that not only allows you to finally use all of your mounts in the gullet, but also grants you free access to the Doom fortress and the beast labyrinth.

  • True gulp
    • The Maw’s power has fully awakened within you. Your mounts will now hear your calls in the gullet and you can bend unhindered in the beast labyrinth and the fortress of doom.

WoW: The whole throat for everyone!  With Patch 9.1 the call requirement is no longer applicable (1)

WoW: The whole throat for everyone! With Patch 9.1, the call requirement is no longer applicable (1)

Source: Buffed

All of your characters can move freely in the throat in the future. That sounds too good to be true. And that’s it. Because this buff is linked to the conclusion of the introductory quest series to Korthia and NOT account-wide. If you want to move freely in the throat with your twinks, you have to at least complete the quest series up to there with all relevant characters, which takes about an hour per character. It’s still annoying, but far better than farming reputation for weeks.

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