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According to a new order from the US government, TikTok will no longer be available for US users in the App Store from Sunday. US President, ByteDance's service has been a thorn in the side for a long time. According to his own statement, he fears that the Chinese company will gain access to the data of numerous US citizens through TikTok. WeChat is also part of the arrangement and will no longer be available in the App Store from Sunday.

The U.S. Commerce Department has issued a new order that will block TikTok downloads for US users from Sunday. The messenger service WeChat is also affected by this block. President Donald Trump can lift the order until September 20. The prerequisite here, however, is that TikTok owner ByteDance closes a deal with a US company that will hand over the US operations of the popular social media platform to them.

In the last few weeks, ByteDance has already led Microsoft, Oracle and Walmart about the financing of a US company. Microsoft has now left the negotiations. Donald Trump has already threatened that TikTok would shut down completely in the USA if ByteDance did not comply with the relevant requirements. According to the Trump administration, it fears that the Chinese company could use TikTok to access various data from US citizens.

The arrangement thus prompts Apple and Google to block the app in their stores for US customers. However, TikTok can still be used if the app is already on the smartphone. US companies can also continue to use TikTok for their business. We'll keep you informed here.

Trump administration is also targeting Epic Games and Riot Games

After the dispute with ByteDance, the US government now wants to take a closer look at companies owned by Internet giant Tencent. The focus is on Riot Games (100% owned) and Epic Games (40% owned). Those responsible now have to publish the security logs.

Source: Reuters

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