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The WoW developers give us various options in the Shadowlands, how we can make our trips easier. We present two tips for Revendreth here.

As long as we cannot fly in WoW Shadowlands, traveling from one point to another in the Shadowlands can be a bit of a hassle. Fortunately, the developers have built a few options into the game that should make it easier for you to get around. After we pointed out the bat some time ago, which simply transports members of the Venthyr Pact to and from the Pact Sanctum, there are two more things in Revendreth that you may have overlooked so far.

The red castles on the map

Have you ever noticed that various red-colored castles are drawn on the map of Revendreth? There is also a red circle below each of these castles. What exactly is it about explains the reddit user Strkl: They are actually elevators! Because Revendreth is on several levels, you sometimes have to take long detours to get from one place to the next – unless you use these elevators. So that you can better plan your routes through Revendreth and see at a glance where these elevators are, the developers have kindly marked them on the map for you. Practical, right?

Steinkopf and the Glow District

If you want to regularly complete world quests in Revendreth, there is no way around the Ember District – and you may end up with Steinkopf, who guards the entrance to the Ember District.

Steinkopf guards the entrance to the glowing district.

Steinkopf guards the entrance to the glowing district.

Source: Buffed

Steinkopf only lets you enter the area if you have completed the associated quest beforehand. But because, in his opinion, you would then be banished there, he will no longer let you out of the district. So you have to leave the Ember District by other means, either by flight or via the elevator in the north of the zone. But depending on the location of your next targeted world quest, this means a very nice odyssey. Fortunately, there is a simple trick how you can get past Steinkopf without a detour: Run towards Steinkopf and end WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) with the key combination ALT + F4, when Steinkopf has lifted your character. Log in again and you can pass without any problems.

Alternatively, you can also do the quest Snack for Steinkopf complete that you guys with success Best buddies with certain advantages and ability Privileges of Steinkopf's best buddies rewarded. Then you can go in and out of the Ember District as you like. To be able to accept the quest, you first have to click on a stone at coordinates 38/64 that allows you to approach Stone Head. Once you have used the stone, the quest becomes available and you have to collect a number of special "snacks" for Steinkopf in order to earn his friendship.

Source: reddit (1,2)

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