Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have surprisingly released Titanfall on Steam for the PC. A short time after the launch, however, the 2014 shooter was showered with many negative reviews. The background was numerous technical problems that the title brought with it at the start. In addition to difficulties with matchmaking, there were also audio problems and other things. Many fans were disappointed that the title was re-released in this condition.

On Sunday, Respawn Entertainment made a patch available that not only combats the audio problems, but also gets the majority of the difficulties with matchmaking under control. This was also noticeable in the ratings. Meanwhile, player reviews for Titanfall on Steam are even.

The launch is Titanfall in the Deluxe Edition currently available for 7.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros. The offer is still available until Wednesday. EA Play subscribers get free access to the game. Also note that Titanfall (buy now € 18.40 ) can only be played online.

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Titanfall: Trailer for the now announced Deluxe Edition

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