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The players of the online shooter The Division 2 can look forward to new supplies soon. As Ubisoft has announced, Title Update 11 will be released on September 22, 2020, including the new game mode called "The Summit".

Pretty soon there will be more supplies for all players of The Division 2. As part of the forward event, Ubisoft not only announced the release date for the extensive Title Update 11, but also announced a new game mode at the same time.

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It's called "The Summit" and sends you to a high-rise building with a total of 100 floors. Your task is to fight your way from the very bottom up to the roof, where a very special fight awaits you. Each floor has different challenges and opponents to offer. Control points scattered all over the place allow you to concentrate on selected sections of the building so that you can always play on a level of difficulty that is comfortable for you.

In addition, there are of course numerous rewards for your achievements in this mode. Furthermore, the third season of The Division 2 begins with the release of Title Update 11 (buy now € 12.99 ): The Warlords of New York with a new hunt. The focus is on Bardon Schaeffer, the leader of the Black Tusk. Here is also an overview of the other planned changes for the update:

  • Appearance Modification – or Conversion – is a new system to the existing character menu for The Division 2. Players will be able to change the appearance of their gear beyond the normal color and tint.
  • Mask, backpack, chest, knee pads, gloves, holsters and all armor parts are now interchangeable. Appearance mods will allow players to finally get the specialized look they've always wanted or change the style of their gear.
  • The appearance mods become a main staple of the game for all players, levels 1-40.
  • The improvement to the "Rainbow" loot will change how gear will be assigned the first attribute of an item of gear. The first attribute will now have a percentage chance of getting the same as the core attribute. Players will receive fewer rainbow loots, which means items for a skill token (wyvern) are more likely to receive a skill-related attribute.
  • With the Agnostic Mod Slots, all pieces of equipment (mask, chest, backpack) are changed in such a way that they accept any type of equipment mod. That means players will be able to add some armor regeneration to their all-red build without having to forego recalibrating the mod slot.

Source: Ubisoft

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The Division 2: Trailer shows the new game mode "The Summit"

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