Are you not only looking for a Playstation 5, but also a new mobile phone contract? Then take a look at Mobilcom-Debitel. Maybe the current offer will suit you.

Cell phone tariff plus PS5

There is currently a PS5 again (buy now ) in der Disc-Version inklusive PS Plus for 2 years to a mobile phone contract with it. You pay a one-time fee of 99.99 euros and have the choice between the “green LTE 15 GB” tariff in the Vodafone or Telekom network. For this you pay 41.99 euros a month. The contract period is 24 months. Mobilcom-Debitel states that the PS5 is available in sufficient quantities and will be sent directly to the customer after the contract has been concluded. This offer has already existed and was sold out within a very short time. So it is also possible that this offer will not be available for long either.

Everyone has to decide for themselves whether it is worthwhile for you to take out this mobile phone tariff for 24 months and get a one-off payment of 99.99 euros. You can find all the information about the tariff on the provider’s website. However, you can only take advantage of this offer online, it is not available in the shops.

Such offers should always be carefully considered and the decision should also always depend on whether the console is also available. That seems to be the case with Mobilcom-Debitel. You should also work out whether the offer suits you financially. It should be noted that you not only pay for the PS5, but also the mobile phone tariff for 24 months.

Those: Mobilcom Debitel

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