To the Druid of the Flame via transmogger

from Sebastian Glanzer
In WoW Shadowlands, druids in cat form can permanently fight as Druids of the Flame if they have Fandral's Flame Sickle. Up until now, this was only possible by using the Cataclysms item or by using burning seeds.

Since the Legion, druids have been able to customize their form using their artifact weapons via transmog. In Shadowlands this is made even easier with the Transmogger. As you can see in the picture below, you have the option of defining the shapes of all shapes without having to change glyphs, for example.

WoW Shadowlands: Druid of the Flame Cat permanently transmoggable (1)

WoW Shadowlands: Druid of the Flame Cat permanently transmoggable (1)


Who as a druid Fandral's flame sickle has captured, can permanently transform into a druid of the flame in Shadowlands via transmog and run around as a cool fire cat. So far, this adjustment is only available to night elves on the beta server. However, we are sure that the other races will also have the opportunity to transform themselves into a druid of the flames.

Do you want to look like a flaming kitten now? That's how it's done:

Either you grab Majordomo deer head in the Tierra del Fuego (Cataclysm raid) Fandral's flame sickle and run around equipped with it permanently as a Flame Cat, or you loot the Burning Seed, with which you can run around and fight as a cool Fire Cat without the old sickle.

Burning seeds can be found in the Tierra del Fuego, at the portal at Majordomus Hirschhaupt. They look like little pine cones and every hero can see them, but they can only be picked up by druids. Practical: The seeds are tied to the account and can accordingly also be sent to druid characters who are still too "young" to visit the Tierra del Fuego. The portal at Hirschhaupt will be accessible as soon as you have cleared Baleroc out of the way.

The buff of Burning seeds Lasts for an hour and remains active even after the hero dies, when changing a zone or changing into another form. The seed reappears after a soft reset of the raid instance, so that you can stock up sufficiently until Shadowlands.

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