Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Top Pokémon Fan Theories: Who Is Ash's Dad?

Do you know them all, the craziest and most interesting fan theories about the Pokémon universe? We'll show you some highlights that will answer the most exciting questions about Pokémon: Who is Ash's father? Which Pokémon is under the Mimigma costume? How did Ditto come about? The fans will tell you.

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If you've never headed into the universe of the Fan and meta theories Your moment has now come: every major franchise hides crazy, fascinating and often captivatingly logical fan theories that want to clarify the big questions about the fictional world. And since Pokémon is one of the largest franchises in the world, it also has particularly deep meta-theories. We present you the highlights in this article:

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These are the best fan theories about Pokémon

Whether all Pokémon parts actually show different worlds in a multiverse? Or are we just trying to make sense of a detail that … doesn't make sense? Anyway, fan theories are sometimes processed by directors or developers and integrated into the franchise, making them official. It's crazy (and great) what power fans can have at times.