Top seller gets long-awaited successor

As soon as Nvidia has presented the GeForce RTX 3060, there are already rumors about the next new graphics card. The curious thing is that for once Nvidia does not promote the GPU – even though it is the successor to a real bestseller.


Nvidia GT 1010: New entry-level graphics card spotted at a low price

More than 4 years ago, Nvidia launched the first Pascal graphics cards with its 1000 models. Especially the GTX 1060 turned out to be a real best seller and is still used in most gaming PCs today.

Now a friend of the YouTuber has Dapz discovered a new graphics card on the Nvidia site: the GeForce GT 1010which also relies on the old Pascal architecture. Users can already download drivers for the new GPU from the official website:

Driver downloads from Nvidia with a listed GeForce GT 1010. (Screenshot)

To find out whether the entry was an error or actually a new graphics card, the YouTuber quickly contacted Nvidia support. The short and concise answer from the employee: Yes, the card exists and was recently announced. However, he is not yet able to disclose technical data or a date for the targeted sales launch.

And what else happened this week? We summarize the most important topics for you in the GIGA headlines:

New graphics card from Nvidia: Alleged details leaked

Although Nvidia has not yet officially provided any information on the technical data of the new GeForce GT 1010, they are already first details on MyDrivers leaked been. The entry-level GPU should rely on the GP108 chip known from the GT 1030, have 256 processing units and clock at up to 1,468 MHz in boost. Nvidia uses 2 GB of GDDR5 memory, which runs at a clock rate of just 5 GHz. A value of 30 watts is specified as the TDP, the memory interface is 64 bits wide.

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Robert Kohlick05.09.2020

The bottom line is that the GT 1010 is an entry-level graphics card with little performance potential at a low price. The new GPU is therefore rather uninteresting for gamers. For offices looking for a cost-effective way to equip their office PCs with a graphics card, the new model should be music to the ears – also for Amazon and other retailers.

Maybe the GT 1010 will soon find its way into our top 10, who knows?

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Top 10: The currently most popular graphics cards in Germany

A look at the current bestselling graphics cards shows that the current model, the GT 710, can still hold its own at the top even years after it was released. It remains questionable at what price Nvidia will offer the GT 1010 – the graphics card shouldn't cost more than 65 euros.