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The early access launch of the action role-playing game Torchlight 3 was anything but good. Now the developers have commented on the situation and explain: Zombies are to blame!

At the start of the early access phase on Steam, there was criticism for the hack and slay Torchlight 3. In the meantime, the situation has improved somewhat, also due to the release of Act 3 and some improvements to the game. Nevertheless, the release has gnawed heavily on the players' impression of the action RPG.

The developers had to eliminate zombies!

The development team behind Torchlight 3 has now written to the community in a very long open letter explaining what went wrong. The team was even surprised by the problems after the release, as it didn't work as it was supposed to. So the underlying processes were checked. The developers came across so-called "zombie processes", non-functioning processes in the game, which in principle have already been ended, but still ran. They used resources, but no longer had any function. This led to the creation of zombie zones. Unfortunately, these zombie processes were part of the server capacity. As a result, the servers were quickly occupied. But not with players.

Torchlight 3: Trailer heralds the start of early access

So the team had to "kill" the zombies and find out how they could be created. The team said, "To" kill "the zombies for the time being, we actually just restarted each of the servers to free up the capacity, so players could start using that space, but we knew the zombies would come back, so we needed a solution to the underlying problem. It was like Whack-a-Mole – once we cleaned up one set of servers, another zombie attacked it again. "

Finally, after long and hard work, the team was able to find a fix for the problem of servers filled with zombies. Now developers are devoting themselves to the other issues, more the game itself than the servers, to gradually improve Torchlight 3 based on player feedback.

Source: Steam

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