Torghast level 8 is tough? Try it without armor!

of Philipp Sattler
If the winding corridors in Torghast, one of the great features of WoW Shadowlands, are not difficult enough, then just go in naked and without armor. A marksmanship hunter has now done that and still remained successful – even if it took a little longer than usual.

Torghast is one of the features of WoW Shadowlands that divides spirits. Some players find the type of content horribly boring, while others like the challenge. In this respect, the developers actually did a good job with the prison dungeon. If you don't enjoy it, a short visit is enough for them Soul ash. On the other hand, those who like to collect Animaboni and fight their way through the increasingly heavy wings with absurd power can simply jump into the winding corridors and earn a few cosmetic rewards and a mount.

But the latter in particular are still a great challenge or simply too difficult for many players with up-to-date equipment. Others, on the other hand, just fly through the 18 corridors and blow everything away in record time. If that is still not difficult enough for you, your visit to Torghast is artificially made more difficult. Like the hunter Olong. He decided without further ado to play the 16 hallways of level 8 of the Winding Corridors without equipment. Since this is hardly possible as a hunter, because there are no attacks without a weapon, in the end he has given up his armor and only started with weapons and jewelry.

It took the marksmanship hunter nearly two hours and 92 animabuffs to successfully send the final boss to the dust. Above all, the bonus helped him Preythat he saved for the dangerous bosses and then knocked them down in record time.

How far are you in the twisting corridors of Torghast? Have you already been able to win the mount with which you can also ride in the gullet? Do you take things slowly or are you not interested in the tower at all and you only go in because of the soul ash?

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