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After a short break, the 3D artist Shirdi Briceño continues her fan project and presents us new races from World of Warcraft in realistic 3D guise. Today we’re going to show you a nightborn, an orc with a baby, a male gnome and a tough tortollan!

A few weeks ago we had them for you fantastic 3D models from the digital pen of Shirdi Briceño (aka metalfk) presented. There were all sorts of realistic models of male and female WoW heroes that the artist designed in the ZBrush program and then rendered in Maya. Today we show you the latest works from their portfolio. This time there are pictures of nightborne, an orc with a baby, a gnome and a tough tortollan.

The tortollan looks particularly sinister in the picture. In this project, the artist experimented with colors to give the figures a little more life. These pictures are the last part of your personal WoW project. Shirdi Briceño stated that she would like to focus on other 3D projects in the future. We think it’s a shame. She was one of the few artists who deal with the realistic models of the residents of Azeroth. Most other fan art is more about that Recreate iconic cities and areas from World of Warcraft. Nevertheless, thanks to Shirdi, we at least got an idea of ​​what the races of WoW could look like with modern graphics.

You can find more pictures in Shirdis Gallery on Artstation and Instagram. In the following articles you will find the models of various heroes from World of Warcraft. The pictures of Blood elves, undead, tauren and a dwarf as well as the exceptionally realistic models of the Draenei, ogre, goblin and a darkspear troll. If you’re interested in CGI and 3D sculpting, then why not take a look Portfolio by Wey Wong, Blizzard’s 3D artist who brought many iconic characters from WoW, Diablo and Overwatch to life.

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