On April 29th you can start again to conquer Rome. Because on this day, Total War: Rome Remastered, a new edition of the well-known strategy hit by Creative Assembly,

A classic returns in a new guise

Total War: Rome Remastered improves the game’s graphics with 4K optimization, ultrawide monitor support and native UHD resolution. Buildings have been redesigned and you can see environmental effects like clouds of dust and heat shimmer, which makes for a denser atmosphere. More details can be seen on the high-resolution campaign map. In addition, some features have been modernized. Including the camera, which can be controlled better, rotated and zoomed more. Heatmaps and new symbol overlays for game mechanics such as diplomacy and security were also added. A new tactical map in the battles also gives you an overview of the unit status and area markings.

There are now a total of 28 playable factions and the dealer as a new agent, whom you can send anywhere to establish trade relationships, buy competitors and get resources. In addition, you can expect the same tactical battles as in the original from 2004. With the remastered version you can experience the classic anew or get into this game for the first time and enjoy more modern features and more contemporary graphics.

Total War: Rome Remastered is out on April 29th and includes the Alexander and Barbarian Invasion expansions as well as the original Rome: Total War (buy now ) Collection. The title is even available at half price until June 1st.

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