TP-Link Mesh-Wifi-Set with Powerline 20% cheaper – deal of the day

Anyone with WLAN problems at home can now eliminate them once and for all – and save money as well. A technically mature mesh wifi set from TP-Link is currently available.

If you want to supply a large apartment or an entire house with stable and fast WiFi, you have preferred mesh wifi solutions for several years. The highlight of such systems: Instead of a central access point, the devices connect to the Internet at various "smaller" stations. The individual stations communicate with each other on separate channels so that not only do all devices have as smooth as possible access to the network, but also no bandwidth is wasted. Whether cell phone, tablet, notebook or other WiFi-enabled device – everyone sees only one WiFi, which shines everywhere with excellent availability and high data throughput.

The highlight of the TP-Link Deco P9 compared to other mesh WiFi systems such as Google Wifi (test) is that it also uses Powerline in addition to the WiFi mesh. With this standard, data that the access points exchange with each other is also sent via the internal power network of the house or apartment. Advantage: The WLAN is relieved, even thick walls are no longer an obstacle, the individual access points can provide an even more stable connection and higher bandwidth.

The WLAN uses the modern 802.11ac standard, Wifi 6 is not yet supported. Devices can also be connected to the access points via Gigabit LAN. In addition to the main AP, the set also includes two satellites. According to the manufacturer, this can cover up to 560 m². Those who need more can simply integrate additional deco units (sold separately) into the network. Setup and administration is carried out via a beginner-friendly app; a user account with the manufacturer is required for this.

Currently there is the TP Link Deco P9 Powerline, consisting of a central access point and two satellites, instead of otherwise, according to the price comparison, around 250 euros. This is the historical best price in German shops and significantly cheaper than comparable sets from other manufacturers. The Amazon ratings are very good with an average of 4.5 stars. Our recommendation if you want to provide a large apartment or house with reliable WiFi.

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