from Willi Tiefel
After the first free Trackmania, Nations Forever, Nadeo brings another title for interested players twelve years later. Because of the name, you could assume that Trackmania is a simple remake, but it offers several improvements over the original and is not intended as a remake. We looked at the graphics and performance of the latest offshoot in the video.

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Trackmania: Ubisoft confuses players with pricing the racing game reboot

Ubisoft has confused Trackmania fans with a pricing statement. Accordingly, it should not be a subscription model. We present the three versions of Trackmania available for launch.PC

Trackmania: Racing Reboot appears in three versions

On July 1st, Trackmania will be released exclusively for the PC, according to Publsiher Ubisoft even in three versions. One will be completely free. Trackmania in the hands-on preview. (3)PC

Trackmania in hands-on preview: New model, original parts

On July 1, Trackmania will be released exclusively for the PC. We were allowed to play a demo version of the arcade racer from Ubisoft and Nadeo beforehand.