What's in the box? Brad Pitt was not the only one who asked himself this question at the end of seven, but also the buyer of a set of trading cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Answering this question was worth quite a bit of money to him: He put an impressive 408,000 dollars, the equivalent of almost 336,000 euros, on the table for the set.

Whether this bet is worth it depends not least on the cards inside the set. Their rarity varies massively. After all, the fact that the set comes from the very first edition of the trading card game gives it a certain, already very high basic value.

To date, it is not known who the buyer is and whether he intends to open his pack. In recent times it has been mainly Youtubers who have pushed the prices up at similar auctions in order to then open the card treasures they have acquired in videos and live streams, for example the controversial internet star Logan Paul.

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While the sales value for a pack is a new record, individual, confirmed rare cards are still sold for significantly more money. A Turtok card from the first edition, which was only produced extremely rarely, achieved a price of 360,000 dollars (296,000 euros) around a few years ago and will currently traded for $ 468,000.

The first edition of the Pokémon Trading Card Game appeared in 1996, produced by Wizards of the Coast, who are also behind the extremely successful Magic: The Gathering.

Source: Polygon

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