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Update: The creators of the new WoW board game have released a first trailer, and an official website on Small World of Warcraft has now gone online. Original: At BlizzCon 2019 there was a booth where those responsible for Blizzard or Asmodee announced a new board game for World of Warcraft. The new Azeroth adventure is due to appear in spring 2020.

Update from May 14, 2020:

The new WoW board game Small World of Warcraft.

The new WoW board game Small World of Warcraft.

Source: Days of Wonder

"A new day is dawning in Azeroth. A day like everyone before and like everyone who will come. The relentless struggle for dominion over the World of Warcraft simply doesn't end. In Small World there wasn't enough space for everyone. And now there's the never-ending conflict between the Alliance and the Horde. Tomorrow is dawning and it's time to take your place on the front line. "

This reads the starting point in which the new WoW board game Small World of Warcraft throws you. It is a game in which two to five players vie for control over different islands by optimally combining races and special abilities, driving neighbors from nearby territories and controlling powerful artifacts. The game is from ten years old and a game should last 40 to 80 minutes. The box contains:

  • 6 double-sided fixtures
  • 16 races from World of Warcraft with banners & tiles
  • 20 special ability tiles
  • 7 legendary locations & 5 artifacts
  • 10 mountains, 15 murlocs, 9 wisp barriers, 4 harmony tiles, 12 bombs, 1 champion, 10 forts, 2 military tasks, 5 animals & 6 watchtowers
  • 1 lap board & 1 lap indicator
  • 110 victory coins
  • 5 standard overviews
  • 1 reinforcement cube
  • 1 instructions
  • 1 rule sheet for the team variant

There is no price or release date for Small World of Warcraft. You can already do this at the new board game website browse or watch the new trailer for Small World of Warcraft:

Original message from November 05, 2019:
Of course, at BlizzCon 2019 last weekend, the new WoW expansion Shadowlands was the focus of the Blizzard developers. But the company has even more plans for the Warcraft franchise. So there was a booth on site where the people in charge of Blizzard respectively Asmodee (a French publisher of board, card and role-playing games) a new board game for World of Warcraft (buy now for 33.95 €) have announced.

The new "Small World" board game is of course to play in Azeroth and "Gameplay full of orcs, elves and more" Offer. The release is planned for spring 2020. BlizzCon visitor Skelextorr immortalized the stand on Twitter:

If you already feel like a game night, you can already indulge it now. After all, there has been since 2006 Warcraft – The board game, even if the price is not without. In 2008 came the rather complex one Adventure board game for World of Warcraft on the market.

As soon as there is more information from Blizzard and Asmodee about the new WoW board game, we will of course keep you up to date.

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