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Naughty Dog has announced a new update for The Last of Us Part 2, which will include the difficulty of "Merciless" among other things. Fans have to expect extremely dangerous opponents here – ammunition and resources are even rarer. Another highlight is the game mode "Final Death". Here you have to complete the entire game without dying a single time. There is no second chance. Version 1.05 will be available for download from August 13, 2020.

After the trophies for a new update of The Last of Us Part 2 appeared on the Internet this week, the Naughty Dog team has now officially presented this update. In version 1.05 of the title, players can look forward to some new features. With the level of difficulty "Merciless", Naughty Dog introduces the toughest test to date for all fans. Ammunition and resources are extremely scarce, opponents are even more dangerous and aids such as the HUD or eavesdropping mode are deactivated. But the new game mode of The Last of Us 2 has it all.

This is "Ultimate Death" – a permadeath option for the game. Here it is your job to complete the whole story without dying once. There will be no second chance. If you want, you can also activate the permadeath mode for individual control points or chapters. Both innovations have also received a trophy that goes for the platinum trophy from The Last of Us Part 2 (buy now for € 51.98) however, are not required.

Naughty Dog has also put some modifiers into the game that make changes to graphics, audio, and gameplay. For example, almost 30 filters have been added here that completely change the look of The Last of Us Part 2. Modifiers such as mirror world, slow motion, infinite ammunition or one shot will also provide a breath of fresh air. The update will be available for download from August 13th.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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