As early as January 2021, Prisoners of the Ghostland made his debut with Nicolas Cage at the Sundace Film Festival. In the course of the year, all other film fans should see the first English-language work by director Sion Sono. The filmmaker from Japan has been a household name in the industry for years. Like his other projects, Prisoners of the Ghostland will be a crazy film, which this time can be described as a sci-fi western.

Nicolas Cage will take on the role of Hero, who is released from prison on certain conditions. He has to rescue the kidnapped daughter (Sofia Boutella) of the governor of Samurai Town (Bill Moseley), who is in the mysterious Ghostland. The problem: Hero wears a suit that will self-destruct after five days if he doesn’t bring the girl back in time. Leading actor Nicolas Cage has also described Prisoners of the Ghostland as the “craziest movie” he has ever made.

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