The former meme is now actually becoming reality. Microsoft surprised at the end of the E3 conference with the unveiling of the new Xbox Mini Fridge – a small refrigerator that can be used to store beverage cans or other small things. Visually, it is a replica of the Xbox Series X – just with a door so that you can quickly access your chilled content.

The story of the Xbox fridge began in late 2019 when Microsoft first presented its next-gen console. Funny pictures quickly made the rounds on the Internet, which compared the design of the Xbox Series X with a refrigerator. Microsoft later jumped on the bandwagon and published marketing photos of the hardware next to a refrigerator.

Shortly before the launch of the Xbox Series X in November 2020, Microsoft then presented one fridge in normal size, which was sent to selected celebrities and content creators – including Snoop Dogg. The fans’ desire to receive one of these refrigerators grew as a result.

The decision to produce the Xbox Mini Fridge was made at the end of April when the Twitter marketing account voted for the brand to write the best tweets. Microsoft announced here that if Xbox wins, the production of mini-fridges will start. In the end, Xbox narrowly prevailed against Skittles with 50.5% and the world can now enjoy an Xbox refrigerator. It should then be available in stores by the end of the year. Details about the price have not yet been made.

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