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The Coaltion team has released a new trailer for Gears 5. It's all about "Operation 3: Gridiron" including new heroes, new maps and more. In game mode, two teams of five players each fight for a flag that can be used to achieve a touchdown in the end zone of the opposing field. The update is now available to all Gears 5 owners on PC and Xbox One.

All Gears 5 players can look forward to a new update for the shooter. With Operation 3: Gridiron, an object-based game mode was added to the title on Tuesday, in which two teams of 5 compete against each other. Your goal is to carry a flag in the end zone of the opposing field to achieve a touchdown. The flag changes in three different positions per round.

Just running into the end zone is not enough to collect points for your team. You must survive for five seconds after reaching the area. There is also a target on your back that simplifies the elimination by other players. A total of 13 points are required to win a match. A touchdown scores 2 points. There are also 2 points for eliminating the entire opposing team. For holding the flag at the end of a round, there is still 1 point for your account.

With the update, of course, several heroes and cards became Gears 5 (buy now for € 19.99) added. An overview of these new additions can also be found in the new trailer. In the coming weeks, The Coaltion would also like to add achievements specifically for Gridiron. All details will be available in the near future. The update is free of charge for all owners of Gears 5 on PC and Xbox One. The shooter is also part of Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass.

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