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This year, Star Wars fans can look forward to the release of a new game that will focus entirely on flying in star fighters. In addition to multiplayer battles, there will also be a single player story set after the Battle of Endor. The first gameplay will be on EA Play this week.

Publisher Electronic Arts today announced Star Wars: Squadrons, a new game in the sci-fi universe in which fans can fight spectacular space battles in the Starfighters of the New Republic and the Empire. The title will be released on October 2, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game can also be used in virtual reality on a PC and with PlayStation VR. Crossplay support with all platforms will also be available at launch.

Star Wars: Squadrons – Trailer introduces new space action game from EA Motive

According to EA, players compete against each other in strategic 5v5 battles. The goal is to destroy the opposing flagship in naval battles. You control your starfighter from the first person perspective. Star Wars: Squadrons will focus on the multiplayer part. As you play through the ranks of the title, you will receive cosmetic items that you can use to change the look of the spaceship or the pilot. Components that improve Star Hunter performance in various areas will also be unlockable.

Star Wars: Squadrons – Trailer Introduces New Space Action Game from EA Motive (1) (Source: EA)

In addition to the multiplayer mode, there will also be a single player story in the upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons. This story is set after the events of the Battle of Endor. Fans will not only play from the perspective of a pilot from the Vanguard Squadron (New Republic), but also from the perspective of the Titan Squadron from the Empire. Well-known faces of the sci-fi series will also appear here. The first gameplay will be available on June 19, 2020 as part of EA Play.

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