The PS5-exclusive action game Returnal aims to mix horror and fast-paced combat. You can see how this works with the help of a new trailer. Because this one presents you with some of the creatures that you meet in the game.

The planet Atropos is a dark world. Selene, an ASTRA scout astronaut who keeps dying, ends up there. If she suffers death, she travels back in time and can try to prevent her impending end. This time travel aspect is a central element in Returnal (buy now 79,99 € ). You have to deal with many monsters that make life difficult for you. At first glance, the PS5 exclusive looks like a pure action game. But there is much more to it.

Horror elements play an important and large role in the story. The creatures that dwell on the alien planet seem to have sprung from nightmares. These beings, paired with the gloomy atmosphere, should make Returnal a special gaming experience. The title will be released on April 30th for Playstation 5.



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