from Matthias Brückle
In GW2, the beginning of the end of the Eisbrut saga will soon begin: Champions is the name of the episode that appears in several chapters. The first, called "Armistice", will be released on November 17th, 2020 and will allow us supporters of the ancient dragon Primordus to fight with ancient allies.

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Guild Wars 2: Dragon versus dragon – trailer shows next update

Fire Against Ice: The trailer for the next Guild Wars 2 update shows the invasion of the destroyers – and promises pretty loot for us. Put on hold: The Steam version of GW2 no longer has a release date.Pc

Guild Wars 2: focus on End of Dragons – Steam version put on hold

The Guild Wars 2 team has made the End of Dragons expansion their top priority. That's why the Steam version has been put on hold for the time being. Guild Wars 2: Roadmap to May 2021 - pre-End of Dragons contentPc

Guild Wars 2: Roadmap until May 2021 – the content is ready End of Dragons

A new roadmap for Guild Wars 2 describes the content until May 2021. Will the End of Dragons expansion come immediately afterwards?

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