Fans had to be patient, but today the longed-for season 3 finally starts in Fortnite. Epic Games directly released a trailer for the Battle Pass, which not only contains Aquaman, cats and customizable umbrellas, but also fast cars.


As of today, lots of new content is waiting for you in Fortnite and, as is customary for a new season, Epic Games has released two suitable trailers.

For one thing, we have that general trailer for season 3that started with a big live event. This is the moment when Aquaman enters the game and draws everyone's attention with his tattoos and steel upper body.

On the other hand, Epic Games released one Battle Pass trailerwho introduces the Drifter crew and suggests that you can unlock different things at different levels of the game. In addition, you can let your taste flow into the game. The video mentions that you can design your umbrella according to your wishes during the season.

If that's not exciting enough for you, you might be happy about new ways of getting around. It looks like new boats and cars are waiting to take you from one point to the next, and if you don't want to drive alone, you can take your teammates with you in some vehicles.

So grab your umbrella and means of transportation to hunt down your opponents with Aquaman.

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Fortnite: map sunk and possible "Aquaman" crossover? It will be at least golden

After numerous postponements, the long-awaited D-Day arrived in Fortnite yesterday. The Battle Royale map was flooded as part of an impressive event. In addition, new teaser pictures appeared, but they don't show SpongeBob.

"The Device" was used last night during an almost cataclysmic event in Fortnite. A huge storm was created with the help of pylons that emerged from the mysterious hatches. This not only caused the headquarters to explode, but was the trigger for a meter-high and insurmountable wall of waterwhich now surrounds the island.

Small cutscenes complemented the event, which now offer enough material for speculation about the third season of Fortnite, the mornings, on June 17, 2020, starts after some delays.

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That is cute

Speculations go on. There have been numerous rumors and leaks in recent months. Some claimed there would be a crossover event with Spongebob in Season 3, others found references to Aquaman. Aquaman would not even be unlikely, because it would not be the first time Fortnite has resorted to different heroes.

Did you already find all the points? If not, we will help you further.

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Fortnite: All 5 E.G.O. outposts – localities on the map

Exposed images now harden this suspicion, because a section of a golden object appeared on the official Twitter account of Fortnite. You don't get smart about this yet Fortnite streamer Melany Lee shed a little more light on the matter.

More teaser images have been released in the past few hours. They do not disclose any further information, but of course we don’t want to keep it from you:

What would you say about an Aquaman crossover? Would you be happy about it, or would you prefer SpongeBob for example? Let us know in the comments.

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