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According to current information from Dataminers, trainers could soon get new ways to earn PokéCoins in game. Everything indicates that players can collect some coins by completing special quests. So far, PokéCoins can only be purchased in arenas or purchased in the in-game shop. Other cities for the safari zones have also appeared in the game data.

Dataminer made an interesting discovery in Pokémon GO game data. Accordingly, an update for the existing PokéCoin system in the mobile game could soon be pending. So far, these coins have only been available to trainers through arenas or by purchasing them directly from the Pokémon GO in-game shop. The arena limit is currently 50 PokéCoins that can be earned per day. With the currency, players can, among other things, increase the storage limit for Pokémon and items.

A new way has been discovered in the game data for coaches to collect more PokéCoins. The description of an unknown file gives hints: "daily_research_completed – Come back tommorow to earn more PokéCoins". This text suggests that Niantic will in the future distribute quests that offer PokéCoins as a reward. So far, there has been no confirmation from the development team. We will keep you up to date on this.

In addition, there will be another special research with Giovanni from Team GO Rocket in March. Dataminer has also discovered several clues here. Niantic officials also appear to be planning three more safari zones. In addition to Liverpool, Philadelphia and St. Louis – which have already been announced – Monterrey, Sevilla and Goyang are also to be given their own event. Here, too, we have to wait for a statement from Niantic.

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