No matter whether because of a forced break by Corona or simply because you don't want to train in public: home training is a sensible alternative to classic membership in fitness clubs or sports clubs. Nintendo is also involved in the market with Ring Fit Adventure. GIGA editor Lisa tested whether ring-fit training can keep up with a regular workout.

Ring Fit Adventure

After Wii Fit for numerous households the reason for purchase For the Wii, Nintendo launched Ring Fit Adventure 2019, a fitness gadget for the Switch. During the current corona crisis, the fitness game is in demand as rarely before – Ring Fit Adventure is always sold out at many retailers. But is the game really good for staying fit, improving your endurance and even building muscle? I integrated the training with Ring Fit Adventure into my regular workout a few weeks ago – here is my conclusion.

What is Ring Fit Adventure?

Ring Fit Adventure is primarily a classic game. Your task in story mode: Together with your Pilates ring that has come to life, you have to defeat the muscle man Drako, who is surrounded by a dark aura and tyrannizes villages. However, you control the game not with the stick, but with Sports exercises: If you run on the spot, you move around the game by squeezing or pulling the ring apart, removing obstacles or collecting coins. We have dedicated a separate article to the exact gameplay of Ring Fit Adventure.

In addition to the actual game, the package is included Pilates ring with holder for the right Joy-Con (the so-called Ring-Con) and a Leg strap, in which the left Joy-Con is placed, at. Ring Fit Adventure cannot be played without these accessories. After the Joy-Cons are attached in the accessories, the leg strap is tied around the left thigh so that it does not slip, but also does not fit too tightly. All of this is explained step by step after starting the software for the first time, so you can't go wrong.

Note: In Ring Fit Adventure there are some exercises that you do lying on the floor. It is advisable to have a yoga mat to protect your joints. Alternatively, you can do the exercises on a soft carpet, but this does not protect your joints sufficiently.

My test conclusion on Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is surprisingly demanding. The fact that the intensity of the training can be adapted to my own performance makes me sweat a lot – even though I have already worked daily before. The strength exercises are balanced and alternate with endurance training. I notice after a few days that I Progress and my endurance is sustainably better even when running in the fresh air. On the first few days, I even got sore muscles because the Ring-Con uses up some muscles that I don't seem to train so well with my regular workout.

Only that Limit to six exercises in adventure mode bothers me, I would like to be able to do the exercises that I feel like doing. Life wouldn't have been necessary for me in the game either: Again and again I have to drink virtual smoothies in fights because I no longer have enough Hearts to withstand the enemy. If I ran out of smoothies, I would have to flee the fight. That contradicts me, because I wouldn't run away from the exercise bike just because my water is empty. Overall, the gamification of sport brings more advantages than disadvantages: Even on days when I don't go to normal training motivate can, I can't resist a round of Ring Fit Adventure.

These are the strengths by Ring Fit Adventure

  • Ring-Con and leg strap are from the Switch reliably recognized. Even if I change my position in the middle of the game, the controllers don't need to be recalibrated. The Ring-Con is also stable, even after intensive training, it shows hardly any signs of wear. The holders on the Ring-Con and the leg strap can be washed.
  • thanks to the individually determined intensity of the training beginners are not overloaded, while advanced learners are challenged enough.
  • Ring Fit Adventure is enormously motivating: There are level-ups, after about every third a new exercise is added. Because of the constant entertainment, the game doesn't feel exhausting, at least not in a negative sense. I often don't notice how quickly time passes during training, that's how focused I am during training.
  • The exercises as well as warming up and stretching are well explained, all are feasible and can also be carried out in a small space. Nevertheless, beginners in particular should of course pay attention to a clean execution and interrupt in case of pain.
  • There is one for everyone who lives in an apartment building on the upper floors or prefers to train at night quiet mode. Instead of running on the spot, you move around in the game by crouching gently and up again. So neighbors or roommates are not disturbed.
  • Pulse measurement via IR motion camera The Joy-Con works quite reliably and gives a more or less realistic view of how hard you have worked.

These are the weaknesses by Ring Fit Adventure

  • Unfortunately only six exercises be included in a training session, this set cannot be changed in combat. So you need to know in advance which exercises you want to do. In boss fights in particular, muscle strain can become somewhat one-sided.
  • If you run out of life you flee from the fight. It can be annoying if you want to train seriously. So always remember to have enough smoothies in your luggage to freshen up your life.
  • The Leg strap slips on smooth material like elastane leggings. With squats in particular, it must be ensured that the belt does not slide too deeply – then the switch will no longer correctly recognize the execution.
  • Ring Fit Adventure is not with the Nintendo Switch Lite compatible, it also works not in handheld mode. Ring Fit Adventure can be played in tabletop mode, but playing on TV is recommended. Otherwise the picture is too small to recognize the explanations.

Is Ring Fit Adventure a good game?

Admittedly, Ring Fit Adventure does not shine with the impressive graphics and also that Story is very thin. To be honest, I don't care what happens to Drako or my talking ring. The Dialogues are irrelevant throughout and sometimes rarely stupid. But that doesn't bother me in the least: They offer a welcome breather after a strenuous workout.

And with that, Ring Fit Adventure fulfills its purpose: through the whole deflection I don’t even notice how time flies, I can focus on training and thereby achieve better performance. In this respect, Ring Fit Adventure may not be able to keep up with a Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but still shines with an excellent game design: The levels are well balanced, the training is demanding but not too difficult and the level-ups and shop visits are a welcome change. It is good that the developers are not bothering with trivialities like the story, but rather focused on the essentials to have.

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Does Ring Fit Adventure replace regular training?

Because Ring Fit Adventure can actually keep up with regular training. Thanks to a short Stretchings At the beginning of the training, injuries caused by muscles that are still too stiff are prevented. To 20 to 30 minutes on average I sweat Ring Fit Adventure from all pores, my strength wanes and my arms feel like butter. Nevertheless, I never overexerted myself, but make sure that you do not overdo it: If I am slower than usual during an exercise or if I have been training for many minutes, the game pauses me and the associated problems Cool down in front.

I notice improvements through Ring Fit Adventure especially in mine endurance. Although I only run on the spot, after several trainings with Ring Fit I am not as out of breath as I was at the beginning. Incidentally, this also translates into real life: Even when jogging I'm making progress much faster than I did before Ring Fit Adventure. The Ring-Con also trains muscles that I have apparently neglected with my previous training, especially the one Triceps and my back muscles.

Nevertheless, Ring Fit Adventure makes you natural not a muscle man. The game is there to improve your stamina and general physical condition. If that is enough, Ring Fit Adventure is the right choice for you. Provided, of course, that you train regularly and play with sufficient intensity. In order to achieve success, you have to challenge your body. If you absolutely want to show off a six-pack or with your pronounced biceps, you should in addition to ring fit, regular weight training with weights integrate into everyday life, your own diet also plays a major role. For ambitious goals, it helps to get advice from a personal trainer and / or nutritionist.

How long does Ring Fit Adventure motivate?

In principle you have endless fun with Ring Fit Adventure. You are in Adventure Mode over 100 levels and more than 60 fitness exercises available to train all different muscle groups. In the later course of the game you can not only run, but also drive, paddle and even fly. This makes it worthwhile to revisit past levels to collect hidden items that you can only achieve with certain skills.

Make a nice change between the levels Mini games, even mixing the smoothies – your healing potions – is a separate exercise. Then you have enough strength to go to the next level. I'm really looking forward to itto play a round of Ring Fit Adventure in the evening – quite the opposite of my regular training, which I have to force myself on some days. And even one of my colleagues, otherwise a real couch potato, always felt motivated by Ring Fit Adventure. For Beginners and Experienced: Ring Fit Adventure knows how to keep you happy

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And what happens after I finish Ring Fit Adventure?

Nintendo estimates that even with a 30 minute daily workout will take about three monthsuntil you have played through Ring Fit Adventure – it will certainly take longer for the majority. Should it happen that you have reached the end of the story, you do not have to look for new training, but can stay with the Ring-Con. On the one hand, as I said, it is worth paying another visit to levels that have already been completed. Next to that individual training create that can be completed regardless of the adventure mode. For this you have a variety of exercises that you can combine as you like.

With the Multitask mode you can train with the Ring-Con on the go and without a switch. All repetitions are saved and transferred to the console as soon as you are back home. And the mini-games can not only be played alone, but also also play online. You can even take turns at home and beat each other by passing the Ring-Con around.