Imagine it’s war and nobody goes! This is how you could currently summarize the open-world PvP on many of New World’s servers. Because apart from the wars, smaller skirmishes or isolated groups in search of victims are usually the maximum that takes place in PvP. And so developers and gamers alike ask themselves how the problem can be solved elegantly. The community has now picked up and made a suggestionthat would address another problem in a moment: Chronically too little gold in the players’ pockets.

Transport missions – what is it?

The suggestion are so-called transport missions, which are also found in other PvP-based games – for example in the space sandbox game Dual Universe. There, players can accept orders to transport certain materials from A to B and receive a few coins as a reward. Functions such as fast travel or hearthstone are of course taboo. That could also be easily integrated into the craft system. Instead of just transporting goods, you collect resources from A, refine them in B and then deliver them to C.

Most, or at least the most lucrative, of these missions require you to cover the route with the PvP mode switched on. This in turn would ensure that potential pirates and gangsters could lie in wait to intercept the players who were being transported. Missions could also be integrated for this.

This would give players another opportunity to get into New World (buy now 39,99 €) Earning gold and at the same time you could use it to fuel PvP in the open world. For example, with larger missions that require several players. Or the transporter is so overloaded and slow that he needs other players to protect himself. With a little creativity, an exciting system could be developed from this, which New World could do well.

Bots are happy

But there is also a but. Because some players have rightly noted in the forums that this also attracts tons of bots. Earning gold by simply running from A to B – that sounds like every bot’s wet dream. Ways and means would have to be found here to prevent this from the outset.

What do you think about this idea? Would such missions give you a further incentive or would you ignore them completely?

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