Just recently, Twitch presented a number of streamers with a grave decision due to copyright infringement. Bulky deletion of all affected videos seemed like the only solution. Now the streaming platform apologizes for the whole process and admits errors.

Twitch understands the frustration of streamers

In one Blog post the streaming platform Twitch now apologizes for the inadequate procedure in connection with mass copyright claims. Many streamers had little choice but to delete all of their videos.

Twitch understand that Confusion and frustration around this problem. The platform recognizes that too little attention has been paid to the subject of copyright law and streamers have not received enough Information and tools to comply with the law.

So it is very important to be more transparent about it in the future and To take stepsso that circumstances improve. Twitch sees a major mistake in the failure to install a suitable tool that allows streamers to search their video and clip archives and filter them for copyright claims.

The streaming platform understands the expressed frustration about the only option of mass deletion within a period of three days. Affected streamers also had criticism of the sent news Voiced by Twitch. This contained too little information about the entire situation. Twitch sees this criticism as justified.

Streamers should get more control

Twitch would like to support the community better in certain areas in the future. Creators should do more Control with finer adjustment options for recorded content. So is a technology that can recognize copyrighted audio material.

In addition, streamers should have a better understandingt get about any copyright claims made in the event of a violation. More detailed information on what copyright infringement exists, who exactly is making the claim and how the author can be contacted.

Even the means to counter unjustified claims To defend, according to Twitch, should receive a greater focus.

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It seems Twitch is trying very hard to find a satisfactory solution with streamers. In the future, the platform will no longer be able to avoid developing suitable instruments for organizing content.