At the moment, both Twitch and Reddit are swinging the spell hammer and the platforms do not stop at American President Donald Trump. With his behavior, however, this is not surprising.

Trump is known for not saying a word and regularly messing around with his comments. Twitch and Reddit have had enough of it and blocked his accounts due to hateful comments.

"Politicians must also abide by rules"

Trump's Twitch account is commonly used to broadcast rallies and other events online, but has also often been misused for his racist and inhumane statements. After a review, his channel was blocked. Across from Kotaku Twitch explains itself as follows:

“Hateful behavior is not allowed at Twitch. In accordance with our policies, President Trump temporarily suspended Twitch from comment on the stream and removed inappropriate content. ”

The representative listed two specific cases:

For one, the platform refers to one of Trump's statements during an election rally in 2016, where he titled Mexican immigrants as "rapists." The topic has only recently been taken up again.

The second is a commentary from his recent rally in Tulsa, in which he accused a hypothetical "hard hombre" of "breaking into the window of a young woman whose husband is absent" to illustrate the point of what is happening would if people couldn't dial 911.

The Twitch employee also confirmed to Kotaku that he informed Trump's team when creating this account that that the president would not be above the framework:

“Like everyone else, politicians at Twitch must adhere to the guidelines. We make no exceptions to political or newsworthy content and will take action on those that are reported to us and that violate our rules. ”

Typical German.

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Reddit is swinging the spell hammer too

Earlier this month, several high-profile Reddit sites paused to protest the company's refusal to ban racist content. This finally seems to have prompted the platform to redefine its hate speech policy and enforcement.

Today the company announced that it locked around 2,000 subreddits, including one of the most notorious pro trump forums, r / the_donald. According to Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit, "the community has consistently hosted more rule-breaking content than the average." The r / the_donald subreddit is not directly related to the Trump administration, although Donald Trump used it as a candidate in 2016 attend an "Ask Me Anything" event.