Twitch officials announced on Twitter that over 7.5 million bot accounts were recently deleted from the platform. These accounts are said to have extremely falsified the number of viewers and followers of some streamers.

And in fact, some well-known names on the platform have now suffered a sharp drop in their follower numbers. The most prominent example is Felix “xQc” Lengyel, who lost over 2.5 million followers between April 11 and 14, 2021. Its total number plummeted from just under 8 million to 5.5 million. During the same period, Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris lost over 3 million followers. This means that its total value has almost been halved. In the Top 50 aller Twitch-Streamer xQc and Sodapoppin were hit hardest by bot deletion. There are also drops in other Twitch giants such as Shroud, Pokimane or Myth, but these are still relatively limited with losses of between 10,000 and 250,000 followers.

Just last week, Twitch officials introduced stricter rules for misconduct outside the platform. This means that streamers can also be banned for things that they share with their fans on YouTube, Instagram and Co. The latest figures on blocked partners were published in March. In the first three months of the year alone, Twitch had to temporarily or even permanently ban over 270 partners from the platform.

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