A few days ago, the streaming platform Twitch hosted its first Chat Choice Awards, where viewers could vote for their favorite games live. One highlight was the destruction of a PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5

PS5: is it real or not?

We know that the PlayStation 5 will be released in the coming months, but we are still missing an exact date and, above all, a price. After all, we already know the look of the console, which stood inconspicuously in the background of presenter Mari Takahashiwhile she hosted the show with colleague Sean Plott.

After a while this cleverly directed attention to the device:

"Well, before we move on to our next award, I can see the back blurred … is that a PS5?" Plott asked the moderator, who couldn't help but grin.

"Oh, are we talking about it yet?" Asked Takahashi and promised to come back to it later.

At least we already know a few games coming out for the PS5.

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PS5: Not everyone liked the solution of the mystery

Over the course of the show two parties developed in the chat. Some firmly believed that it was the real console, others thought it was fake. The moderators kept the tension going for two hours, before the resolution finally came:

"I think this is probably the most modern plastic that can be used for a console," joked Takahashi as she cut the PlayStation 5 open with a katana. Yes, it was a cake – good try on Twitch, but many were less than enthusiastic about the joke. According to Kotaku Around 10,000 viewers then left the stream. That probably backfired.

Meanwhile, Sony is still keeping a secret when exactly the PlayStation 5 appears and in which price segment it moves. However, since 2020 is drawing to a close in great strides, it shouldn't be too long before the next information comes. We will keep you up to date.

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